NY Times: A Path to America, Marked by More and More Bodies

Appearing in the New York Times is the article by Manny Fernandez who reports on the travails of immigrants crossing our southern border.  Read the entire article here.

“Over 16 years, the Border Patrol documented 6,023 deaths in the four states bordering Mexico, more than from the Sept. 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina combined.

“Manny Fernandez, The Times’s Houston bureau chief, has spent part of the last two months reporting on the travails of migrants attempting to cross the border into South Texas. (Read his article, about the remains and personal effects of hundreds of unidentified men and women who didn’t make it.) Below is a story he stumbled upon along the way.

“ENCINO, Tex. — One June afternoon, immigrants who had illegally crossed the border and were hiking through the rugged brush came upon a remote hunting cabin here. No one was inside, so they grabbed a wooden bench and bashed open the door to get in.

“Those are the black-and-white facts of what happened in Brooks County on June 16, 2013. Like everything else on the South Texas borderland, there is far more to the story.

“The migrants were three teenage girls from El Salvador. They had traveled at least 1,500 miles to come to America. They had gotten lost in the Texas brush after crossing the border and had been walking for four days. One of them was pregnant. They were no longer evading the Border Patrol; they were now seeking them out, because the girl who was pregnant needed.”

Link the stories here and here.

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