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Court Holds Regulation That Extends Work Authorization Implicitly Extends Authorization to Remain In U.S. During Pendency of Extension Request

A federal district court in Connecticut recently ruled that the government may not arrest an H-1B employee for whom a timely filed extension application remains pending. U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall in El Badrawi v. United States found that a federal immigration regulation allows H-1B employees to continue working for 240 days pending the  Read more→

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Obama Continues to Reach Out To Hispanics

Today President Obama met with influential Hispanics to discuss the importance of fixing the broken immigration system. Participants at the meeting included: Jose Diaz-BalartBarbara BermudoRosario DawsonEmilio EstefanLily EstefanAmerica FerreraDon FranciscoVanessa HaucMaria Teresa KumarEva LongoriaMaria Elena SalinasEddie "Piolin" Sotelo In announcing the meeting the White House said: President Obama remains deeply committed to fixing the broken  Read more→

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Hispanic Population Growth Could Realign South’s Politics

McClatchy Newspapers’ Halimah Abdullah writes: "Huge surges among Hispanic populations in the Deep South could mean a political sea change over the next two decades, as immigrants become naturalized and they and their American-born children register to vote, political and demographics experts say. "The states with some of the largest percentages in Hispanic population growth  Read more→

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UPDATE: Emergency Measures in Place for Certain Countries, Expiring for Others

The U.S. government is offering temporary relief to citizens of countries affected by natural disasters, armed conflict, and other extraordinary conditions. At the same time, some emergency measures are expiring soon. Japan: Japanese nationals may request expedited processing for immediate-relative immigrant petitions, for employment authorization, and for extensions of status for those currently in the  Read more→

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By the Numbers: How the FY 2011 Budget Impacts Immigration

Travis Packer wrote the following analysis for the Immigration Policy Council detailing how the FY 2011 Federal Budget impacts immigration: After the threat of a government shutdown last week, Congress finally managed to approve a budget that will keep the government running through the 2011 fiscal year. Included in that budget, however, are a host  Read more→

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Aide Says Obama Remains Deeply Committed to Immigration Reform

On April 20, 2011 Melody Barnes an Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council posted the following on the White House Blog: Working Together to Create a 21st Century Immigration System President Obama remains deeply committed to reforming our immigration laws to meet our 21st Century economic and security needs. In  Read more→

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