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NYT: Why Common Critiques of DACA Are Misleading

Common Critiques of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Are Misleading In the September 8, 2017 edition of The New York Times, Linda Qiu reports about common critiques of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that are misleading: “Defenders of President Trump’s decision to rescind an Obama-era immigration policy that shielded young immigrants from deportation have offered misleading  Read more→

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Mother Jones Questions: What Will Happen with Dreamers’ Information After DACA Ends

What Will Happen with Dreamers Information After DACA Noah Lanard writes in the September 8, 2017 edition of Mother Jones about Dreamers’ fears: “The government knows where the nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers live, where they’ve traveled, and what they look like. So when President Donald Trump decided to stop protecting them from deportation, there  Read more→

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ICE agents arresting crime victims, witnesses at courthouses

ICE POLICY INCLUDES ARRESTING CRIME VICTIMS AND WITNESSES AT COURTHOUSES The Washington Post reports on the ICE Policy of arresting crime victims and witness: “Immigration agents may arrest crime victims and witnesses at courthouses, a homeland security official said Tuesday, highlighting a growing dispute between the Trump administration and some state court officials who fear  Read more→

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POLITICO:  Trump Falsely Claims ICE Endorsement

Trumps False Endorsement Claim ‘I was endorsed by ICE’- Donald Trump As reported on Politico:  “No, Donald Trump was not endorsed by an entire government agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (ICE). He was endorsed this week by a union of ICE employees, but that’s not the same. The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council (the  Read more→

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Greensboro News & Record: 2 Thomasville Residents Arrested in Human Trafficking Case

Greensboro News & Record: Couple Arrested and Charged with Human Trafficking Authorities arrested two Thomasville residents on human trafficking charges Friday after a multi-agency investigation, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) said. Agents from Alcohol Law Enforcement, (ALE), ICE Homeland Security Investigations and deputies from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search of a Thomasville  Read more→

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Supreme Court to Hear Critical Immigration Case

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s split decision on President Obama’s executive action concerning DACA/DAPA, the nation’s highest court has agreed to hear another critical immigration case. Late last year, the Ninth Circuit upheld an order by a federal district court in California requiring immigration judges to hold bond hearings every six months for  Read more→

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Trump to Deport 11 Million and Build a Beautiful Wall

About Trump’s proposal to build a big beautiful wall, The New York Times reports today, “Big promises are to be expected from presidential candidates, but reality often intrudes. The elder George Bush broke the “no new taxes” pledge that helped lead to his election. And Barack Obama’s administration has yet to live up to his prediction  Read more→

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The Hill:  Pelosi has ‘Significant concerns’ about ICE deportations |

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is pushing back hard against the Obama administration’s efforts to deport those seeking asylum from violence in Central America. In a statement issued late Tuesday, the California Democrat expressed doubts that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations are reinforced by proper legal protections for those affected, and she amplified concerns  Read more→

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Undocumented Immigrants Who Obtain Driver’s Licenses are Not Targets of Enforcement Actions

Now that some states will issue driver’s licenses to undocumented individuals, there has been concern that those individuals might be targeted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In fact, there have been some instances where individuals have been subject to enforcement actions very soon after obtaining a driver’s license in states that offer licenses  Read more→

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The New York Times:  Donald Trump Releases Plan to Combat Illegal Immigration

As reported in the New York Times, Donald Trump released a position paper on immigration centered on three principles: a wall on the Mexican border, law enforcement and economic improvement. After staking his early campaign on caustic and contentious remarks about undocumented immigrants, Donald Trump on Sunday outlined his plan to fix the country’s immigration  Read more→

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