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NY Times: A Path to America, Marked by More and More Bodies

Appearing in the New York Times is the article by Manny Fernandez who reports on the travails of immigrants crossing our southern border.  Read the entire article here. “Over 16 years, the Border Patrol documented 6,023 deaths in the four states bordering Mexico, more than from the Sept. 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina combined. “Manny  Read more→

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NY Times: Tyrus Wong, ‘Bambi’ Artist Thwarted by Racial Bias, Dies at 106

Tyrus Wong, Disney Animator Dies at 106 As reported in the New York Times, “When Walt Disney’s “Bambi” opened in 1942, critics praised its spare, haunting visual style, vastly different from anything Disney had done before. “But what they did not know was that the film’s striking appearance had been created by a Chinese immigrant  Read more→

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Immigrants Put Their Mark on the Washington Restaurant Scene

Writing in the Washington Post, Becky Krystal, introduces you to five immigrants whose tasty traditions keep you wanting more. “Their faces may not look familiar, but you know their work.  They represent the heart and soul of the dining boom in Washington — and in restaurants across the country.  “They do the tedious, day-to-day tasks  Read more→

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Dr. Yutaka Yoshida, a U.S. War Hero of Japanese Descent, Dies at 104 – The New York Times

Dr. Yutaka Yoshida, a U.S. War Hero of Japanese Descent, Dies at 104. The New York Times reports, “Dr. Yutaka Yoshida, a native Hawaiian and a son of Japanese immigrants, was working as a police officer in Honolulu when Japan bombed the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, plunging America  Read more→

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