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VOX:  Former Vice President Biden: Trump’s family separation policy is “abhorrent”

Former Vice President Joe Biden released a strongly worded statement on Wednesday afternoon calling the Trump administration’s practice of separating young children from their parents “unconscionable” and “abhorrent.” “A policy that separates young children from their parents isn’t a ‘deterrent.’ It’s unconscionable,” Biden, who is currently topping the polls as a 2020 presidential candidate, wrote  Read more→

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NPR:  Separated by Trump’s “no tolerance” migration policy, parents of 545 children can’t be found

Despite a federal judge’s order that the government reunite families who had been separated at the U.S.-Mexico border under the Trump administration’s “no tolerance” migration policy, the parents of 545 children still can’t be found, according to a court document filed Tuesday by the U.S. Justice Department and the American Civil Liberties Union. Thousands of  Read more→

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New York Times:  Supreme Court to Review 2 of Trump’s Major Immigration Policies 

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to review two major Trump administration immigration initiatives, adding them to a docket now crowded with cases that will test President Trump’s agenda and policies. The court, which might have been expected to tread cautiously while it is short-handed in the aftermath of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s  Read more→

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New York Times:  Children From Immigrant Families Are Increasingly the Face of Higher Education

By Miriam Jordan LOS ANGELES — An extraordinary demographic shift is sweeping through U.S. university campuses as immigrants and children of immigrants become an ever-larger share of student bodies, with implications for the future of the country’s work force, higher education and efforts to reduce racial and economic inequality. A new study released on Thursday  Read more→

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Forbes: Tech Employment Data Contradict Need For Quick H-1B Visa Rules

By Stuart Anderson Senior Contributor New government data show the low unemployment rate in computer occupations contradicts Trump administration claims an economic emergency requires the quick implementation of new H-1B visa rules. A new analysis indicates the government’s own data do not support the claims made in the regulations, which makes it more likely federal  Read more→

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New York Times: Trump Moves to Tighten Visa Access for High-Skilled Foreign Workers; critics say changes were politically motivated. 

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Miriam Jordan WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced significant changes on Tuesday to the H-1B visa program for high-skilled workers, substantially raising the wages that U.S. companies must pay foreign hires and narrowing eligibility criteria for applicants. Top administration officials framed the changes as a way to protect American jobs during  Read more→

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NEW YORK TIMES:  Judge Blocks Trump’s Ban on Foreign Workers The court overruled limits on visas for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

By Miriam Jordan LOS ANGELES — A federal judge ruled on Thursday that President Trump overstepped his authority in suspending new visas for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers amid the coronavirus pandemic, enabling major companies like Microsoft, Goodyear Tire and Exxon Mobil to resume bringing employees from abroad. Judge Jeffrey S. White of U.S.  Read more→

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Associated Press/Washington Post:  Trump plans to slash refugee admissions to US to record low

  SAN DIEGO — The Trump administration has proposed further slashing the number of refugees the United States accepts to a new record low in the coming year. In a notice sent to Congress late Wednesday, just 34 minutes before a statutory deadline to do so, the administration said it intended to admit a maximum  Read more→

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Arizona Republic: 124 immigrant children held in 3 Phoenix hotels under Trump policy, court records show

By Daniel GonzalezA federal judge has given the Trump administration until Sept. 28 to stop the practice of holding immigrant children in hotels for prolonged periods under a secretive policy that rapidly expels undocumented immigrants who arrive at the border amid the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee denied on Monday the Trump administration’s  Read more→

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