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NEW YORK TIMES:  Judge Blocks Trump’s Ban on Foreign Workers The court overruled limits on visas for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

By Miriam Jordan LOS ANGELES — A federal judge ruled on Thursday that President Trump overstepped his authority in suspending new visas for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers amid the coronavirus pandemic, enabling major companies like Microsoft, Goodyear Tire and Exxon Mobil to resume bringing employees from abroad. Judge Jeffrey S. White of U.S.  Read more→

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Associated Press/Washington Post:  Trump plans to slash refugee admissions to US to record low

  SAN DIEGO — The Trump administration has proposed further slashing the number of refugees the United States accepts to a new record low in the coming year. In a notice sent to Congress late Wednesday, just 34 minutes before a statutory deadline to do so, the administration said it intended to admit a maximum  Read more→

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Arizona Republic: 124 immigrant children held in 3 Phoenix hotels under Trump policy, court records show

By Daniel GonzalezA federal judge has given the Trump administration until Sept. 28 to stop the practice of holding immigrant children in hotels for prolonged periods under a secretive policy that rapidly expels undocumented immigrants who arrive at the border amid the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee denied on Monday the Trump administration’s  Read more→

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Reuters:  Trump officials rush to make it tougher for skilled foreign workers to gain visas

By Ted Hesson WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is racing to toughen the process for U.S. companies to hire skilled foreign workers before the end of the year, changes top Trump officials argue will preserve jobs for Americans amid high unemployment and be politically difficult to reverse. With just weeks  Read more→

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The Hill:   Court rules constitutional rules that apply to normal police also apply to ICE.

When police arrest people for suspected crimes, the U.S. Constitution requires them to show probable cause to a judge within 48 hours. But Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) does not do that. When ICE arrests people, it typically holds them for weeks before any judge evaluates whether ICE had a valid legal basis to make  Read more→

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WASHINGTON POST:   Biden is NOT promising Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants.”

  By Glenn Kessler “Joe Biden tried to cut Social Security and Medicare for decades. … Now Biden’s promising your benefits to illegal immigrants.” — Trump campaign ad, airing in battleground states This is a confusing ad. The core of it is a misleading clip from Biden in the mid-1990s. But the tagline — “Now  Read more→

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THE NEW YORK TIMES:  DHS investigating whether detained  immigrant women underwent gynecological procedures without fully understanding or consenting to them.

  By Caitlin Dickerson The Department of Homeland Security is investigating allegations that immigrant women detained at a privately run detention center in Georgia underwent gynecological procedures without fully understanding or consenting to them. The allegations, some of which were submitted this week as part of a whistle-blower complaint by a nurse at the facility,  Read more→

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ROLL CALL:  Citizenship delays may keep many immigrants from fall vote

By Camila DeChalus When Juliana Ximenes Coutinho Dias submitted her naturalization application last December, the possibility of finally becoming a U.S. citizen and getting to vote in the country she has called home for the past six years electrified the Brazil native. But then the coronavirus pandemic hit. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which adjudicates  Read more→

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North Carolina Health News: Over 120 COVID-19 cases at North Carolina’s only immigration detention facility

By Hannah Critchfield Nehel Gaya’s father has traveled so much during the pandemic, she’s having trouble keeping up. The South Carolina resident had received calls from Georgia, Texas, Louisiana — whatever immigrant detention facility her father, a Pakistani citizen, happened to be transferred to next. Well into the pandemic, one of those places was a  Read more→

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